The Real Secret to Weight Loss

Miracle diets, cleanses, crazy workout programs, strange supplements, wraps, measuring cups and scales, fasting, macro tracking—what’s the real secret to weight loss? Glad you asked—because we’ll give you the truth. No gimmicks, no nonsense. Just the info you actually need. Here’s the real secret to weight loss: Everyone is different,

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Is The CrossFit Games What We Do At CrossFit Spring Hill?

Perhaps you’ve seen the CrossFit Games more on social media recently (since it starts this week) and wondered, “Am I going to have to do that if I do CrossFit?” The simple answer is no… but also yes, just on a much more scaled down level that is appropriate for

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Will Lifting Weights Help You Lose Fat?

Many people want to lose fat—so will weight training help them do it? Yes! Lifting weights is a great way to burn fat, but here’s something else to consider first: Many people want to lose fat so they look toned and their muscles are more visible. The look they’re going

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