Here are five reasons you should start your transformation TODAY instead of January 1.

  1. Action leads to motivation. Not the other way around. If you’re waiting till January 1st to feel motivated, nothing magical is going to happen. It will be just as difficult to wake up earlier, put on the workout clothes you don’t feel confident in, be a newbie, and do hard things in the gym. Take action NOW so that come 2021 you’re already motivated by the action you took in December.

  2. If you can begin a transformation journey over the holidays you’ll be much harder to stop the rest of the year. Doing hard things fortifies you for more hard things.

  3. Gyms are less busy. If you’re looking for personal training, get your preferred time slots locked in now before schedules get booked up. Prefer group classes? Join now when sessions are smaller than they’ll be in January and classes aren’t at capacity.

  4. Starting in January automatically lumps you in with fad dieters and New Years resolution-ers who are destined (more than 90%) to fail. The average person who starts in January doesn’t last a week. Don’t be average. Get ahead of the curve (see what I did there?).

  5. People tend to look for significant days/dates to make big changes. January 1st only happens once per year. If you fail, you have to wait a whole year to try again. If you always try things on the first of the month, then you’ll have 12 tries. That’s better, but not great. The first day of the week? 52 is good, but you know what’s even better? TODAY! There are 365 “todays” in the year and you can choose to change your life on any one of them.

BONUS BECAUSE WE CARE: If you do wait till January, please avoid anyone offering paid-in-full discounts or new year specials attached to contracts. That business model is a cash grab built on hoping you won’t show up after the first week. It is the opposite of helping people.

Instead, join a gym that is obsessed with helping members be successful. Hire coaches who will guide you on exactly what to do to get the results you’ve been dreaming of. Enlist the help of a community who will support you and make sure you show up to do hard things together. And do it TODAY.



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