You don’t need a new and unique meal every day for each meal of the day. That is a marketing-driven luxury fantasy conditioned into us by Food Network and the fancy, click-baity food and health bloggers/authors/instagrammers promoting their most recent recipe book.

When you were a kid you probably ate the same thing almost every day for breakfast and lunch (for me: bagel and turkey sandwich) and didn’t think twice. Then you probably rotated the same 3-5 meals for dinner. Take 2 minutes right now to recall some meals you ate as a kid. If you come up with more than 6 unique options, respond to this email and let me know.

How much variety do you actually eat now? Probably not as much as you think.

Here’s my #1 simple tip for cleaning up your eating: LIMIT YOUR CHOICES and be happy about it.

CHOOSE 5 HEALTHY MEALS THAT YOU LOVE and eat them all the time. Shoot for one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner and then a couple extras. Bonus if you can make a few of them in bulk (more on meal prepping another time).

Here are mine. Fair warning it’s not exciting and that’s OK:

  1. Sweet potato hash with poached eggs

  2. Turkey sandwich with dijon mustard

  3. Chicken and rice (so quick and simple and easy to make in bulk, flavor it up with salsa, hot sauce, seasoned salt, etc)

  4. Chili (chicken or beef, great for this time of year, easy to make in bulk)

  5. Ground beef burger patties with sauerkraut (one of my secret weapons for added crunch and flavor without added calories)

I realize this leaves some questions: Hey, I see some carbs in there; aren’t carbs bad? What about veggies? Sauerkraut on a burger–what’s wrong with you?

ROUTINE (habit) gets RESULTS.

Feel free to respond to this email ([email protected]) if you want specific recipes or have questions. I’d love to help!


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