• Is having someone else plan your workout each day and personally teach you exactly how to perform each movement to be most safe and effective for your personal goals… for you?

  • Is standing up from the toilet without needing assistance… for you?

  • Is doing things most people can’t (i.e. aren’t willing to) do… for you?

  • Is having a “happy place” and distraction-free “me time”… for you?

  • Is carrying your own groceries and/or your own grandchild… for you?

  • Is having 60 minutes to forget everything else happening in your life and focus on you… for you?

  • Is being stronger, faster and more resilient than most people your age… for you?

  • Is being able to out-lift/outrun/outlast people 20 years your junior… for you?

  • Is sincerely being told “great job” every day… for you?

  • Is being able to lift an injured person (or object equal in weight to a person) off the ground without injuring yourself… for you?

  • Is losing fat and building muscle… for you?

  • Is learning new skills and never plateauing… for you?

  • Is saving money on future medical bills… for you?

  • Is accidentally saving money on current expenses (sugary drinks, alcohol, snacks, eating out, etc)… for you?

  • Is having a personal fitness coach… for you?

  • Is loading your own suitcase in the overhead bin without asking for help… for you?

  • Is having like-minded friends eager to cheer you on… for you?

  • Is being able to open the heavy sliding glass door to escape the nursing home… for you?

  • Is pain-free movement… for you?

  • Is being the fittest you’ve ever been… for you?

  • Is gaining confidence that transfers into other areas of your life… for you?

  • Is being less susceptible to injury… for you?

  • Is a new, fun recreational sport… for you?

  • Is actually enjoying exercise… for you?

  • Is being able to say “yes” without hesitation to helping a friend move, learning new sports, running a 5k, or joining a rec league… for you?

  • Is having accountability and community support to reach your goals… for you?

  • Is seeing people every day you care about, who care for you and want you to succeed… for you?

  • Is dosing yourself with happiness every day (i.e. endorphins your body naturally produces from exercising)… for you?

How would your life be different one year from now if you started CrossFit today?

With care…




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