Isn’t This Supposed to Be Fun?

3 quick thoughts on how to train for results AND enjoy the process:

1. Don’t make fitness your “ultimate” thing. CrossFit makes for a fun hobby and highly effective workout program, with expert coaching and an amazing community to help keep you on track, BUT it makes a terrible god. It will never quite satisfy that itch we all have for ultimate meaning and satisfaction. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a workout program and a quick way to get burned out. No matter how fit/ripped/skinny you get, it will never be enough.

2. Train with other people. There are those rare few who can train alone regularly and love it, but for the rest of us, we need someone to help us know what to do next and/or friends who will do the hard things along with us. That could mean one-on-one training with a trainer who pays attention and cares for you, or it could mean taking group classes with a coach who knows how to tailor workouts to your specific goals.

3. Ignore the exercise dogma. You’ve heard it… people who make you feel like garbage because you’re not really training the right way or following the right program. Find something you can adhere to consistently (THE most important factor), make it a habit and be happy.

We think CrossFit, and specifically a coaching and community focused gym like CrossFit Spring Hill, is the best place to get all of these things in one package. We specialize in training hard, getting in the best shape of our lives and being happy in the process.

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