My Secret For How Anyone Can Afford CrossFit Coaching

Here’s how you can (and I did) afford personalized fitness coaching…

How important is your health? When you look back in 25 years, will you be more thankful that you had a coke (or insert beverage of choice) every day or that you invested in coaching, accountability and building healthy habits that changed your life for the better?

When I started training seriously, I quickly realized that the guidance of a professional coach and support of a community was essential to success. I didn’t think I could afford it either at the time, but I made a conscious decision to invest in “future me” (and my family) instead of spending money on lesser, momentary pleasures.

Do these six things to find at least $150 in your budget, which is more than enough for a membership at CrossFit Spring Hill, where you’ll get the accountability and professional fitness coaching you need to get started.

  1. FIRST, write down ALL of your expenses. Seeing how much you’re spending on some things will make you immediately want to cut them.

  2. Eliminate sugary drinks from your diet (anything but black coffee, tea and water). ~$25/MO (for some people this alone will be enough)

  3. Eliminate desserts (and “snacks” that are really desserts in disguise: breakfast/meal/granola bars, candy, cookies) ~$25/MO

  4. Call all of your recurring bill providers (cable, phone, security system, car insurance, lawn care, pest control, elec, gas) and tell them you’re thinking of switching (or that you simply need help) and ask if there are any discounts available. It may take a few tries and/or asking to speak to a manager, but trust me this works almost every time, especially in 2020. ~$50/MO

  5. Go through your subscriptions (Spotify, audible, apps you don’t use any more) and eliminate anything that is not totally necessary (this may be challenging, but think long term about your health). I dropped my premium Spotify subscription and a subscription I had for a mindfulness app. I used both of them, but I decided getting fit and healthy in an environment with real, personal support and community was more important. ~$25/MO

  6. This one might surprise you: Stop buying organic produce and grass-fed/pastured meats. This needs a whole article to explain, but the gist is, yes, it may be very, very minimally better for you, but the benefits are negligible in comparison to spending that same money on fitness coaching and accountability. Contrary to what their marketing departments try to convince us of, the perceived value of organic/grass-fed is driven largely by big business with big marketing $$$ and an agenda that is not centered around actually keeping people healthy. ~$25/MO

BOOM: $150 (honestly, if you actually do all of these things you’ll likely save much more).

Do it TODAY.

Now that you have some breathing room in your budget, schedule a FREE Intro with CFSH where it is our mission to get you fit, healthy and feeling good!



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