By Coach Kim Butler

  1. A time to celebrate where each athlete is at the box! Maybe you’ll get your first pull-up, first box jump, a 55lb snatch, or maybe even your first muscle up and some handstand walking! WHEREVER you are on your CrossFit journey The Open is for YOU!
  2. Community Building and Connection time! A time for us all to celebrate together each of our personal achievements! Having your cheerleaders on the side, cheering for you on things you never knew you would accomplish!
  3. This year there will be 4 divisions for the OPEN! RX, Scaled, Foundation, and Equipment free. Rx: you can do all movements to the RX standard.  Scaled: you can do all movements in the scaled division (this will be lower weights, step-overs instead of box jumps…and so forth). Foundations: this for a brand new athlete and brand new to CrossFit!!  No equipment: if you will miss one week you can even choose this option for that week!
  4. You don’t have to pick the same division every week. One week you might be able to Rx and the next week you need to do the scaled standards…thats ok! You can pick and choose for your needs that week.
  5. When is this happening?!?! For 3 weeks in March all the crossfit boxes in the WORLD will do the same workouts! The workouts will be released on Thursday night at 7pm (watch party on March 11th at the box!!) and we will have until Monday afternoon to complete WOD and put our scores in. 
  6. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS will be happening at CFSH! From 6-8pm on March 12, 19, 26. We will all be there to cheer each other on. We will have time slots when you arrive that will allow you to sign up for a slot. 
  7. What if I can’t come Friday night? Thats o.k. the Open Workout will be programed for that Friday during the day. We will also have extra space on Saturday and Monday if needed to the workout to be complete.
  8. Will we celebrate our gains? YES!!!! On March 26th after the last workout we will go out together as a box…so mark your calendar and SAVE THE DATE!
  9. This sounds inspirational, exciting, fun, motivating, and like I’m going to hit some gains!!!  How do I sign up? Just go to open.crossfit.com and register. Tell a Coach next time you’re at the box that you are registered!


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