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our story

When we (Cj, a multi-sport athlete and High School P.E. teacher/coach, and Joe, former band nerd) got married we both realized we had “let ourselves go” and began trying different fitness and diet regimens to get back in shape.

Once we tried CrossFit, we quickly understood why it is the most potent program on the planet for fitness, health, and just plain FUN. Learning new skills, getting professional coaching, experiencing frequent wins (big and small), never plateauing, doing hard things with like-minded friends, and feeling and looking better than we ever have is what we love about CrossFit.

It is our mission to enhance the lives of our members by helping them to be healthy, happy and fit. We do this through personalized fitness and nutrition coaching, with CrossFit as our core methodology (although we are bound to results, not a method). Our vision is to be a team of coaches leading our neighbors in Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station, Tennessee to achieve sustained success in fitness, health and happiness.

Joe & Cj Pangallo | OWNER